Will Your Community Benefit From An HOA Manager?

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Running a homeowners association can be tiring. While many communities choose to hire an HOA manager to handle daily responsibilities, others seem to shy away from hiring a professional because of the associated cost. Should your community hire one? What Does an HOA Manager Do? The responsibilities of an HOA manager are largely the same […]

HOA Board Duties: What Does Your BOD Do For Your HOA?

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Homeowners associations are governed by the HOA board. The board is in charge of making sure the community is well-kept and that property values remain high. Within the HOA board, there are also different officer roles — each with its own set of responsibilities. What are the different HOA board duties? Let’s find out. What […]

HOA Documents Every Homeowners Needs To Read

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Every homeowner should be aware of several types of HOA documents. These documents contain important information concerning the association itself and the rights and obligations of the homeowners in the community. What Are HOA Documents? The HOA governing documents are a set of documents that provide information about the association, its operations and procedures, rules […]

What Is HOA Management? Does Your HOA Need This Service?

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HOA management might take a lot of work to grasp for new homeowners associations or board members. How exactly do professional management companies help? Moreover, is hiring a management company right for your HOA? Let’s find out.  What Is HOA Management? A homeowners association (HOA) primarily manages a community’s daily operations. They enforce rules, collect […]

HOA Governing Documents: What Are These?

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HOA governing documents are a crucial part of running any community association. Homeowners associations use these to guide their operations and understand the limits of what they can do. But, they can be tricky to differentiate and comprehend if you’re unfamiliar.  What Are HOA Governing Documents? HOA governing documents are various declarations and documents that […]

6 Most Important Services A HOA Management Company Provides HOAs

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Many homeowners associations delegate management services to specialized HOA management companies. But, what exactly do HOA management companies do? Does an association need a management company to accomplish all these tasks? Here are the top 6 services a management company can provide and how your HOA can benefit.  Services HOA Management Companies Provide Homeowners association […]

What Is A Condominium Association?

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What is a condominium association? People purchasing condos might only look into how much the assessment fees cost. Many do not look into what condo associations do and how they handle the assessment fees. What is a condo association and how can it affect you? Let’s find out. What Is a Condo Association? A condominium […]

What Is An HOA Or Homeowners Association?

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What is an HOA? For new homeowners, the term homeowners association or HOA might seem unfamiliar. But, they’re an essential part of living and thriving in a community. What is a homeowners association and what does it mean to be a part of an HOA community? Here’s what you need to know. HOA Meaning: What […]

Welcome to our new Austin Property Management blog!

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Welcome to our new Austin-area property management, real estate, and real estate investment blog.  We want to use this space to provide useful information to property owners, real estate investors, and HOA boards and members regarding real estate in and around the Austin metro area.  We look forward to serving you!  If you have any […]

Covid-19 and Rent Payment

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Are tenants paying rent during Covid-19 crisis? #realestate #covid #propertyowners Many property owners are wondering what the long term impact of Covid-19 will be on their investment properties. Across the portfolios we manage, tenants have been remarkably responsible in paying their rents, even if the rent payments are delayed for certain tenants. We have also […]