Condo Association Management Services

Condominiums are a popular choice of housing in the Lone Star state. Residents love them because they allow for separate living spaces while still having access to shared facilities and amenities. Residents also have fewer responsibilities when it comes to maintenance and repairs.


Managing a condominium, though, isn’t as easy as it seems. Condo boards must carve out time in their busy schedules to perform tasks necessary to keep up with operations. Board members must also have a background in condo association management, though this isn’t always the reality. 


Due to limited time and knowledge, many associations wind up hiring professional condo association management services in Austin.

Benefits of Professional Condo Association Management Services in Austin, TX

Some condominiums can function well with self-management, but most associations require professional assistance. What can 88 Doors do for you?

Accounting and Collections

88 Doors can fulfill all the accounting and collection tasks that your board usually completes. This includes collecting condo fees (physically and electronically), issuing vendor payments, and planning and maintaining reserve funds. We can also prepare accurate and timely financial statements, stay on top of expenses, and provide owners with real-time access to their accounts.

Maintenance and Upkeep

A huge advantage of living in a condominium is that it comes with maintenance and upkeep. Condominiums are responsible for the maintenance and repair of all common elements. Scheduling maintenance and finding vendors, though, is the hard part.


88 Doors can prepare and execute maintenance schedules, respond to and resolve owner issues or concerns, and liaise with vendors. Plus, you gain access to our vast network of trusted connections.


All condominiums require appropriate insurance coverage. 88 Doors maintains relationships with multiple insurance providers that offer sufficient financial protection to your condo. We can coordinate with you to determine the best policies, negotiate contracts, and manage your risks.

Board Education

Here at 88 Doors, we are proud of what we do, which is why we’re committed to sharing our knowledge with you. We provide virtual training for condo board members and developers. Additionally, we give you access to helpful resources designed to educate you on condo association management.

Other Services

88 Doors offers a holistic approach to condo association management in Texas. Apart from the services above, we also provide the following:

  • Assistance with developer-to-owner transition

  • Help preparing annual budgets

  • Attending regular board meetings

  • Providing and maintaining a community website

  • Maintaining community documents

  • Advising your condo board on best practices and governing documents as well as applicable state and local laws

The Best Condo Association Management Company in Austin

88 Doors specializes in providing management services to condo associations in Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, and the surrounding areas. Our knowledge of the local market, industry trends, and best condo practices enable us to deliver unparalleled services at competitive rates.

With 88 Doors, you can rest assured that your condo association is in capable hands. We offer masterful advice, financial transparency, and responsive customer service, all while utilizing technology in our strategies. Our services are always customized to meet your specific needs.

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